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Referencia bibliografica Koen, E. M., and Lehmann Ruth P., No. 2572- Manuel Carvalho, Portuguese merchant in Amsterdam, makes the following conveyances to his debtors: all that Domingo Alvares de Serpa owes him in Bahia de todos os Santos; the proceeds of a ship's cargo sent by him from Amsterdam to Brazil to Simão Correia and the remainder of the money that Simão Correia received from Francisco Gomes Pina. Further everything that Francisco Dias in Viana and Jacques Beltens in Porto have or will receive for him. In the name of the debtors this conveyance is accepted by Manuel Aires and Pero Gomes de Lisboa. 1622, February 11. Not. Arch. 645 By p. 1596-1598; Not. Sibrant Cornelisz. En NOTARIAL RECORDS IN AMSTERDÃ RELATING TO THE PORTUGUESE JEWS. In: Studia Rosenthaliana: Journal for jewish literature and history in the Netherlands, University Library of Amesterdã. Vol. 20, No. 1 (JULY 1986), pp. 109-130.

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