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ID Person Género Date of birthsort descending Place of birth Date of death Place of death Subject Stays at court Nr. of Posts Post / Rank Place of post Post held since Post held until Ref. Bibliograficas Ref. Documentales
P-4328 Pe. Bartolomeu Guerreiro Masculino DD/MM/1564 24/04/1642 Missions 0
P-4324 Pe. Francisco Ribeiro Masculino DD/MM/1568 Bahia Missions 0
P-4292 D. PEDRO da Silva de Sampaio Masculino DD/MM/1572 Bispado de Guarda 16/04/1649 Bahia Missions 0
P-4326 Pe. Diogo Coelho de Oliveira Masculino DD/MM/1614 DD/MM/1688 Bahia Missions 0
P-4325 Pe. Antonio Pinheiro Masculino DD/MM/1616 Bahia Missions 0


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